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WWE John Cena (page 2)

In the weeks to come, John Cena began a feud with JBL, the holder of the WWE Championship. Cena lost his US Championship to Orlando Johnson, a member of JBL's Cabinet, and witnessed his spinner belt get defaced. Cena began to refer to his WWE fans as "Chain Gang Soldiers", a term that was later abbreviated to "Chain Gang".

WrestleMania 21 saw John Cena's big break as he defeated JBL to become the holder of the WWE Championship. Cena revamped the belt like with his previous US Championship, which led to JBL claiming he was the rightful owner of the original belt. This was put to bed however when John Cena defeated JBL in an "I Quit" match at Judgment Day 2005.

On the June 6th edition of RAW, a draft was made by Eric Bischoff and John Cena was the first wrestler chosen to switch to the RAW brand. On RAW, John Cena began feuds with both Edge and Chris Jericho, two hugely popular superstars which led to fan heat and ultimately another Cena heel turn.

John Cena rebelled against the orders and political dealings of general manager Eric Bischoff and was targeted for punishment. Bischoff arranged a match between Cena and Jericho for the WWE Championship, which John Cena won convincingly in a "You're Fired" match, which saw Jericho dismissed from the brand. Despite Bischoff's best efforts to stop Cena winning, Kurt Angle came to the ring after the match to decimate John Cena. Angle was then hand picked by Bischoff as the number one contender for Cena's title, but despite Angle's best efforts, it was Cena who was getting heel geat from the fans.

The two eventually collided in the ring once again at Unforgiven in a match which Angle won by disqualification. Cena retained the title and later picked up a clean win over Angle at November's Survivor Series pay per view.

The following night on RAW, John Cena was forced to defend his title once again in a triple threat match with Angle and Chris Masters. John Cena won the match and gave the first showing of his new trademark move, the STFU, a submission which saw Masters tap out from. Cena went face-to-face with Bischoff once again the following month, and delivered the F-U to essentially end the feud.

John Cena defended his title at January's 2006 pay per view New Year's Revolution successfully in an Elimination Chamber match, until after the match he was ordered by Vince McMahon to defend the title again against Edge. Edge defeated Cena, which saw his title run of 280 days ended. However, just three weeks later, Cena locked horns with Edge at the Royal Rumble and recaptured the WWE Championship in controversial circumstances.

In the ensuing weeks, Cena's unpopularity was underlined and acknowledged both by JR and Jerry Lawler, which they put down to his "unorthodox style". John Cena went on to face Triple H at WrestleMania 22, a match which he was victorious in, once again reflecting his status as WWE's top dog.

John Cena eventually lost his crown in a dual with RVD at ECW's One Night Stand pay per view. Cena was speared by Edge who came from under the ring allowing Rob Van Dam to capitalize. Edge later won the title from RVD and was once again embroiled in competition with John Cena. The two met in a match at Summerslam, which Edge controversially won with the aid of some brass knuckles.

The tale did not end their however, as the two were later to clash once again at Unforgiven in Edge's hometown of Toronto in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. John Cena emerged victorious after using the acclaimed F-U on edge from the top of a ladder. John Cena's original spinner belt was brought back to life and he remains champion at present.