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John Cena Wallpaper

To select one of the following John Cena wallpaper images as your desktop background, you must right click on the image and choose "Set as Desktop Background".

John-Cena.net has searched the net for you and has located the four greatest John Cena wallpaper images available. Browse through the four John Cena wallpaper images below and select the one that most appeals to you.

>> John Cena Wallpaper 1 (best viewed: 800 x 600) - This image depicts John Cena in both a profile shot and an action shot, showing his attitude that you have become accustomed to on WWE shows.

>> John Cena Wallpaper 2 (best viewed: 800 x 600) - This image features John Cena looking casual in his customary baseball cap and depicts a classic World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) logo.

>> John Cena Wallpaper 3 (best viewed: 800 x 600) - This image features a camouflage theme and depicts John Cena in his army attire that has made him so suitable for his role in movies such as The Marine.

>> John Cena Wallpaper 4 (best viewed: 1024 x 768) - This image is suitable for larger browsers and features several sides of John Cena.