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John Cena - The Marine

John Cena plays the lead role in the first production courtesy of WWE Films, The Marine. The movie is being distributed by 20th Century Fox and was released on October 13 2006.

The film was directed by John Bonito and has been labelled by movie critics as a low-brow, 80s style "dumb" action movie. The movie has received poor reviews but still remains popular across theatres nationwide, predominantly due to the WWE fan base. The Marine featuring John Cena grossed $7 million in its first week, coming in 6th place for the weekend, a figure which will certainly please the WWE production team. Interestingly, the lead role was going to be given to Stone Cold Steve Austin and then later Kurt Angle, but John Cena was eventually given the nod.

The film pits John Triton (John Cena) as a former marine. He is forced to return home against his own will after being discharged from Iraq. Upon his return, he is back in the center of the action when his wife is kidnapped by a gang of criminals. With so much at stake and with his experience as a merciless marine, Triton is to face his toughest assignment yet.