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John Cena Music

As well as being a WWE superstar and a movie star, John Cena's talents extend even further: into the music industry. John Cena is a relatively well-known hip-hop (rap music) artist and performed his own WWE entrance themes, including his previous theme Basic Thugonomics, which is featured on the WWE album WWE Originals. Another of his tracks, Untouchables, was featured on another WWE soundtrack compilation, Theme Addict. John Cena's second album, which he recorded with his cousin 'Tha Trademarc', is entitled You Can't See Me and features John Cena's current WWE entrance song, The Time is Now. To view the lyrics for John Cena's hip-hop songs, visit the John Cena Lyrics page.

You Can't See Me enjoyed unprecedented success and the first single, Bad, Bad Man was produced with a unique video parodying the 1980s, inspired by the TV show The A-Team. The second track on the album, Right Now, also had a video shot for it which premiered on WWE RAW on August 8.

John Cena has worked with several mainstream hip-hop artists including Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles), 7L & Esoteric, MURS, E-40 and Chingo Bling to further augment his music profile. He was featured recently in SmackDown! magazine and on MTV alongside Method Man, another indication of his ever-growing recognition in the industry.