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John Cena Biography

John Cena had a lot to live up to from the very moment he was born, with his father, John Cena Sr. (Johnny Fabulous), enjoying a successful and lucrative wrestling career. John Cena graduated from Springfield College, Massachusetts with a degree in exercise physiology and movement studies. He reached All-American status as a center in the college football team and then decided to become a body-builder.

After becoming disillusioned with his future as a body-builder and with his father's close guidance, John Cena was always destined to follow, and naturally became a professional wrestler in 2000 when he joined UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling) under the guise The Prototype. With John Cena very much on WWE's radar, it was not long until he was offered a contract with the company, which he signed shortly after his brief stint in UPW. John Cena was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (WWE's talent farm) where he wrestled as Mr. P. During his time in OVW, John Cena appeared on UPN's reality show Manhunt under the pseudonym Big Tim Kingman. The show was produced in association with WWE, and when the fabricated and over-dramatized nature of the show was later exposed, WWE attempted to erase all records of it ever happening, severing the links it had to both John Cena and WWE's name.

John Cena made his WWE debut on August 27 2002 when he locked horns with Kurt Angle, buoyed by Vince McMahon's inspirational "ruthless aggression" speech directed at the company's young talent. He has gone from strength to strength during his spell in WWE and has been fast tracked to the very top where he is currently WWE champion. To follow John Cena's WWE career more specifically, go to the WWE John Cena page.

John Cena's accomplishments to date in wrestling are as follows:

Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW)
UPW Heavyweight Championship (once)

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)
OVW Heavyweight Championship (once)
OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (once) - with Rico Constantino

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
WWE Heavyweight Championship (three times) - current title holder
WWE United States Championship (three times)

John Cena has also enjoyed a successful time in music as a hip-hop artist, featuring on several released WWE albums and even his own WWE entrance music. He has been featured on MTV with Method Man and is also the only wrestler in history to have appeared on BBC 2's (UK) Top of the Pops. For more details of John Cena's exploits as a hip-hop artist, visit the John Cena music page.

WWE has recently incorporated a new division of the company, WWE Films, which is set to produce movies almost on a Hollywood scale. The first movie produced by the division, The Marine, features John Cena in the lead role, adequately reflecting his on-screen WWE gimmick. For more details, visit the John Cena movies page and The Marine page.

John Cena is the second oldest of five brothers: Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean. He is also notorious for his army-style fashion sense, which you can read more about on the John Cena music page, something also ever-present on WWE TV shows. He is said to be a huge fan of cartoons, with the animated movie Fist of the North Star said to be his favorite. It is believed that John Cena does not have a girlfriend at the time of writing, despite having dated and being linked in the past with several glamour girls.